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Influencer Marketing: How Far Does Free Go?

There’s also the problem of budgeting: Namely, too many decision makers don’t really know what influencers should be paid and, thus, can’t come up with sensible numbers to allocate against influencer marketing spend. Brands that align with an agency that knows the influencer world and the cost of video integrations will take care of the uncertainty around identifying and working with the right influencers. Ultimately, it will be harder and harder to gain traction with influencers as they develop global success. But there are in fact many advantages to budgeting for influencer engagement. Here are six reasons why paying influencers makes for a sound investment: Getting an influencer’s attention: As hard as it might be for a digital dinosaur to believe, many influencers are earning serious money. Even if your product is the coolest on the market, you need to remember that you are competing with other products (and brands) that have similar budgets. Influencers have businesses to sustain, and while the occasional brand may be able to gain traction for free, creating a scalable global campaign in this way is never going to work. Adherence to deadlines: Pay your influencers and deadlines can be agreed upon, contracted and enforced. This makes even more sense if there is a tight campaign timeline that needs to be achieved. Fail to pay your influencers and you have no leverage over if or when they decide to do anything with your product—you’ll likely join the rest of the audience in tuning in every week to see if you’re featured.

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